Gülevi Safranbolu

Hacımemişler Mansion

Gülevi Safranbolu emerged as a project of living through revitalization rather than one of accommodation. The project was initiated to survive the richness and subtlety of life which flourished during the 18th century in Safranbolu which is currently inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Gül and İbrahim Canbulat acquired three neighboring Ottoman mansions in the early 2000s and started running these buildings following restoration. All three mansions date back to the 18th century. Damage and wear due to time and human intervention were recovered by the restoration process; the mansions were granted their genuine architectonics. Modern facilities required for the present-day functions of these mansions were installed without distorting the authentic integrity of the Ottoman mansion. Gülevi Safranbolu offers 18th century elegant life style with no compromise on contemporary appliances.

Mansions & Secret Garden

Betenler Mansion

Çeşme Quarter, where Gülevi Safranbolu is located in the historical center, is known to be established in the 18th century as wealthy citizens started to build stately mansions on the western skirt of the Castle. We can see that all of the mansions were damaged by a fire in the neighborhood in the 19th century and were refurbished, subsequently.

Today, we are honored to name these mansions after their original proprietors.

We know that Hacımemişler Family was doing yarn and textile business. It is observed that the mansion was modernised in the wake of 20th century due to western influence. Hacımemişler Mansion started accommodating guests in 2006. The mansion has 5 rooms including a master bedroom.

It is rumored that Şükrü Beten Efendi, after whom Betenler Mansion is named, settled in Safranbolu after serving as a judge in Jerusalem. There were no formal government office buildings in the Ottoman territory until the 19th century and official duties were taking place in mansions. In our opinion, Beten Efendi, too, used part of his mansion for his official duties. This must be the reason behind the distinct separation of harem (women’s quarters) and selamlık (men’s quarters). Betenler Mansion has 5 rooms including a suite comprised of master room and mother-father bedroom.

Gökçüler Family is known to have handled forest works and to have traded wood. Gökçüler Mansion is going to consist of 6 rooms including 2 junior suites formed by combining standard rooms with chest rooms. This mansion is going to welcome its first guests in 2011.

Three mansions meet in a secret garden. The water from the historical neighborhood fountain in the garden is enlivening. Fruit trees which are the true inhabitants of the tranquil garden either make life more colorful with their wedding blossoms or offer their fruits depending upon the season.


Three mansions of Gülevi have 16 rooms in total including a suite, two junior suites, eleven standard rooms, one deluxe and one economic room. Six of standard rooms have TWN mattresses while the rest have DBL mattresses. Depending on our guests’ wishes, authentic floor mattresses can be provided.

Each room has distinct features. In addition to indispensable sensitivity for historic buildings, these mansions are conserved with their genuine architectonics to revive the splendor of the Ottoman era.

Preserving the original divans, each room has been decorated with fabrics of different color and texture, atlas quilts, embroidery curtains and Turkmen carpets. Movable furniture were not introduced to Ottoman mansions until the 20th century. Therefore, the use of movable furniture has been kept at minimum to preserve the authentic ambience.

Meetings & Events

Gülnar Hall

Gülevi Safranbolu can provide spaces for exhibition, meeting, conference and chamber music events with Gülnar Hall (37sqm, h:2.70cm), which has a capacity of 36 people in classroom arrangement and 24 people in conference arrangement, and Stable (69sqm, h:2.90cm), which has a capacity of 72 people in classroom arrangement. All kinds of audio/visual equipment, refreshments and meals can be provided for guests depending upon request.

Gülevi Safranbolu’s garden of 600 square-meters can accommodate all kinds of meetings and banquets including engagement and wedding ceremonies.

Food & Baverage

You can enjoy your drink in the Aquarius Café and Bar in the Hacımemişler Mansion. Especially, the bar which is located in the treasury of the Hacımemişler Mansion awaits its guests around the clock. The Deck which is situated in the garden is functionally an open-air extension of the café and bar.

Exclusive banquets are served for groups upon prior reservation in the Gülnar Restaurant. The Paphlagonia Menu which is a selection from the Western Black Sea Region cuisine, brings the rich food culture of the region to your table with finesse.



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