Gül & İbrahim Canbulat


Gülevi Safranbolu, which is a Canbulat & Canbulat Tourism and Trade Ltd. enterprise, has been advancing owing to mutual participation and contribution of Gül and İbrahim Canbulat.

Gül and İbrahim Canbulat left Istanbul and settled in Safranbolu in 2001. Gülevi Safranbolu project came out in 2003 as an exemplary project of “living through vitalization” in context of rapidly growing culture tourism in Safranbolu.

Gül Canbulat, who claimed responsibility of running the enterprise and who also lent her name to the project, is a retired on-board purser. After serving in the Turkish Airlines for 24 years as flight attendant and purser, she continued to work as instructor, flight operations supervisor and also carried out administrative duties. She presided over TASSA (Turkish Airlines Cabin Crew Members Association) for two terms and worked as coordinator of the executive board of KTHY for three years during the restructuring of the corporate.

İbrahim Canbulat is a graduate of METU (Middle East Technical University) and holds a Master of Architecture degree. After working as a faculty member in METU for a long time, he started his own business focusing on foreign trade and giving consultation services in Turkic republics.

He received the Chamber of Architects of Turkey Preservation and Vitalization Award in 2006 with his restoration of Macunağası İzzet Efendi Mansion which had also become his family residence by then. He currently lectures on architectural design in Karabük University, Safranbolu Fethi Toker Fine Arts and Design Faculty.


  1. super, thanks for mailing us the wonderful information on Safranbolu.
    We still feel our few days in your beautiful hotel Gül Evi.
    It was only a goodbye..we will return again and enjoy longer.
    You are unique…a rich experience, for Turkey you have done somethink extraordinary…continue..
    we love you Gül and Ibrahim
    Olaf & Münire


  2. We stayed there over the weekend and we could not have enough of it… Thank you very much for all the respect you both pay to history and culture. Such a lovely experience.


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